About Us

scanoncomputer.com is a service that helps you bridge the gap between what you need to learn and what you want to do with your life. Now is the moment to narrow down your search and identify degree programs that match your desired job path – it’s simple and only takes a few minutes!

Are you tired of a dead end job that doesn’t show the world the real you? Earn a degree that aligns with your professional goals! scanoncomputer.com collaborates with hundreds of universities and offers tens of thousands of degree options. We’ll take your goals and interests and help you find the right programs for you — all for free.

Our team relies on the most reliable sources and data to deliver essential information to our readers in a way that they can understand. To ensure that potential students understand how we create our rankings, we thoroughly define our processes.

We set out to help readers figure out whether tech jobs and programs are a good fit for their skills and interests. We wish to encourage promising applicants to take advantage of this rapidly emerging industry by presenting them with the most complete information accessible.

Exactly what we do

We provide information on academic programs, educational resources, as well as guide for the small, medium and large size company and pathways, to provide comprehensive help to aspiring cyber professionals. We compile comprehensive rankings of the best technical colleges, programs, and vocations in the country, highlighting features of each that would be appealing to prospective students.

Our visitors will discover information on numerous cyber-focused degrees, certifications, and training programs throughout our site. Our list of the best programs is organized by location and degree kind. In addition to technological training, we showcase a variety of training courses and programs.

Because it’s never too early to start thinking about a profession, our team lays out a variety of educational options. We’ll look at where each path could lead professionally and how students can make the most of them to achieve their goals. Our career guides can also assist students in matching their abilities and educational interests to a career or sector.

Much of our work focuses on assisting aspiring cybersecurity professionals in preparing for and beginning their careers. Our guides provide thorough information on many fields and occupations in the technology industry to prospective, current, and previous students. This data contains pay potential as well as future career trends. We also look into the typical educational requirements for certain jobs.

We give resources for current professionals who desire to alter or advance their jobs in addition to information for regular students. We provide resources for working individuals on ongoing education and professional training. These resources can assist even the most seasoned workers in pursuing new employment opportunities.

The Way We Work

Only credible data is used to give accurate degree and career information. We get our data from credible government and business sources. Our content is created using a transparent system to ensure that our resources and rankings are of the highest quality for future students.

We rely on data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the United States Department of Education for information on degree kinds and accreditation. We use data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for career guidance, income projections, job growth, and industry trends and forecasts.

To acquire accurate, representative data, we also work with industry experts, current students, and recent graduates. We want to give prospective students and professionals a realistic view of programs, campuses, and job sites. We normally use information and resources given by each department and school for programs details.

To find the most relevant and interesting trends for our readers, our team use cutting-edge technology such as big data and machine learning. This strategy enables us to identify present and future professional opportunities as well as potential growth areas. We provide extensive documentation of our conclusions, as well as other sources and connections, so that readers can independently check the information.

The data that informs our guides is open to the public. Our expert staff strives to extract this information and turn it into clear, understandable content. We want to give our readers a one location where they can get information on cyber degrees and careers quickly and easily.

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