DoD 8570 Baseline Certifications

DoD 8570 Baseline Certifications

As an IT professional working for the Department of Defense or an experienced military veteran transitioning to civilian employment, understanding DoD 8570 is of utmost importance. It applies to any full or part-time military member or civilian employee with access to DoD information systems performing information assurance functions – this includes both full and part-time military service members as well as civilian employees working under local national or non-appropriated fund accounts (NAF).


Cybersecurity analysts are an integral component of any information assurance (IA) team. Their duties include identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in applications, systems, software as well as monitoring networks to detect threats or respond to incidents as they arise. CySA+ certification provides an independent credential that meets many job functions within IA. Covering all five domains of the new 8570 standards it is an ideal credential for analyst roles as well as infrastructure support, incident response or audit roles within IA.

CompTIA’s CySA+ certification was designed through workshops with cybersecurity professionals. It features hands-on performance-based questions that assess core skills required of cybersecurity analysts – threat and vulnerability management, software and systems security, security operations monitoring and compliance, incident response compliance as well as behavioral analytics skills which enable analysts to detect malware that evades signature-based detection methods and behavioral analytics skills that enable analysts to detect behavioral analysis which allow analysts to detect malware using behavioral analytics techniques.

The CySA+ exam is an ideal way to demonstrate your knowledge of current trends in information security. It pairs perfectly with other CompTIA certifications such as A+, Security+ and Network+; furthermore it may give your hiring process an edge.

CertWizard provides various training packages to prepare you for the CySA+ exam. Choose the course that best fits your learning style and schedule; self-study options may also meet the training needs of your IA team. With CertWizard’s IA training options you can fulfill IA requirements more efficiently while earning competitive salaries in DoD cybersecurity industry. ONLC is an authorized partner of all vendors listed below who offer quality certification training solutions; therefore we can help provide quality certification training.

CompTIA Security+

Are You Entering Cybersecurity With CompTIA Security+ Certification? Getting this highly popular certification could be your key to entering this field, while meeting Department of Defense 8570 compliance requirements at once.

The Security+ exam lasts 90 minutes and includes up to ninety questions to complete in that time. Most questions will be multiple-choice multiple-answer format; however, you should expect some performance-based questions such as ranking items or solving scenarios; these won’t involve writing code or doing penetration testing however.

Take the exam at any Pearson VUE test center or online using an online proctor service; its fee is $370 but discounted for people living in lower income countries.

Exam objectives span five domains: attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities; architecture and design; implementation; operations and incident response; governance risk compliance – each area contains its own set of goals that must be fulfilled to successfully pass this test.

In order to prepare for the Security+ exam, it is wise to read the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Official Study Guide as a free PDF resource. It will give you an understanding of its structure as well as providing insight into which questions may appear on test day as well as areas you need to focus on when studying for it. Take an official practice test several weeks prior to sitting for the real thing – both may help ensure success!

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification provides an entryway into IT. It will teach you about hardware, software and cybersecurity basics – whether that means attending courses or using study guides; there are even online resources to help prepare. CompTIA A+ certification lasts three years.

Are You Searching For Ways To Strengthen Your Resume? CompTIA A+ Is an ideal way to do just that. As an independent vendor-neutral credential that validates your ability to troubleshoot and install technology across different environments, this certification provides an ideal basis for an IT career and is widely accepted by employers.

Department of Defense Directive 8140 requires every military servicemember, government civilian employee, local national employee and Non-Appropriated Fund employee who performs Information Assurance functions to obtain industry-recognized baseline certification. This covers a wide array of roles such as protecting, operating, maintaining and administrating DoD information systems.

To meet these requirements, it is necessary to obtain a DoD-approved certification and pass the relevant IT exam. This requirement has been set as the minimum standard for anyone working for or with the Department of Defense – this directive ensures only qualified personnel work on sensitive information.

The Department of Defense has approved various certifications that all follow a similar format: computer-based exams covering topics like mobile device security, network infrastructure management and IT operations.

Once you’ve passed the exam, you can apply with confidence for DoD-approved jobs. Next step? Continue your education and attain higher-level certifications; plus find group training solutions that save both time and money while upskilling staff members.

CompTIA Network+

The Department of Defense (DoD) has strict cybersecurity requirements for professionals working on its information systems. These were first laid out in DoD Directive 8570 and later refined with DoD Instruction 8140 to further define these standards and ensure everyone who accesses DoD data follows appropriate cybersecurity practices; any professional working for or with DoD must hold appropriate certifications approved by them to perform their job efficiently.

CompTIA Network+ certification validates your skills for troubleshooting, configuring, and managing wired and wireless networks found in global companies. It equips you for a career in networking as it serves as the basis for other vendor-specific certifications. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions as well as performance-based items designed to simulate real problems that require using tools and procedures in solving them; you have 90 minutes total to take it excluding time required for checking-in at testing centers.

DoD contractors who possess one or more CompTIA-approved certifications should list them prominently on their resume, making sure that recruiters can easily see them. You should also mention whether you are DoD 8570 compliant, though this step may be optional depending on the job role you’re applying for; security clearance holders typically must also comply with this regulation regardless of credentials they may hold.

CompTIA Linux+

CompTIA Linux+ certification covers basic system administration tasks and skills required of any Linux IT professional, making it an excellent entry-level certification suitable for many IT functions. Covering installation processes, security concerns and troubleshooting issues – CompTIA Linux+ can be particularly beneficial to professionals working with various Linux distributions. However, for further expanding knowledge on more specialized topics consider more specialized certifications like LPIC or RHCSA/RHCE certificates.

CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-005) was unveiled on July 12, 2022 and provides IT professionals with an entry-level examination to certify them as Linux experts. Featuring both performance-based and multiple choice questions to ensure IT pros have sufficient fundamental knowledge for supporting Linux systems at entry-level jobs, making the new Linux+ certification an excellent option for those working across all major distributions of the OS.

Preparing for an IT certification exam takes time and commitment; but thousands of IT pros have successfully passed their exams without difficulty, so passing yours shouldn’t be impossible either. Start preparing by downloading our free exam study plan, and register with a reliable provider to take the CompTIA Linux+ exam.

NHDoD provides comprehensive yet cost-effective training solutions to help IT pros meet Directive 8570 Department of Defense certification requirements. You can select from live classroom instruction or virtual instruction as well as self-paced online learning options or DOD bootcamps with intensive group-training courses that come complete with New Horizons Test Pass Assurance; our enrollment specialists can also provide additional details about training options and payment plans.

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