DoD Cyber Exchange

DoD Cyber Exchange

DOD CYBER EXCHANGE is the organization responsible for managing military branch’s secure networks. They protect information belonging to millions of service members, veterans and their families as well as classified spaces requiring protection. Their operations include technical exchange meetings, cyber threat product and service offerings and DC3.

This alternative would not grant defense contractors access to classified government cyber threat information tailored specifically for DIB, an invaluable capability that allows defense industry partners to build partnerships and tackle long-term cybersecurity challenges together.

DoD Cyber Scholarship Program

DoD Cyber Scholarship Program (DoD CySP) awards scholarships to both current and emerging leaders in cybersecurity. This program seeks to attract and retain college students with an interest in cyber studies, helping them acquire skills necessary for meeting DoD cybersecurity requirements. This scholarship program, authorized by Chapter 112 of U.S.C, Section 2200, encourages students to enroll at one of three National Centers of Academic Excellence for Cyber Education: Cyber Defense (CAE-CD), Research (CAE-R), or Operations (CAE-CO). Scholarship recipients are expected to accept full-time conditional/permanent positions within DoD Components upon completing and graduating from this scholarship program.

This scholarship covers tuition, books (from an institution/degree specific book list), fees, health care coverage and living expenses; in addition, scholars will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience through information security internships – one of the nation’s most competitive and coveted programs! Available to rising junior and senior undergraduate and graduate cybersecurity studies students attending DoD-approved CAE-Cs.

For consideration of a DoD CySP scholarship, applicants must demonstrate an outstanding interest in cybersecurity-related disciplines with an unquestionable GPA (3.0 or higher) as well as citizenship status (or acceptance into one of DoD-approved NCAE-C colleges/universities). Current DoD CySP scholars can reapply annually if all requirements have been fulfilled.

If you decide to apply for the DoD CySP scholarship, creating an account and submitting your application through their system is required. Your transcripts, resume and two letters of reference will all need to be provided as part of this package; failing which your package may be considered non-responsive and won’t be considered for scholarship consideration.

DoD Cyber Information Technology Exchange Program

CITEP (Department of Defense Cyber Information Technology Exchange Program) allows the DoD and private sectors to temporarily exchange IT personnel who specialize in planning, organizing, staffing, directing, or integrating information technology systems, software applications, cyber security, enterprise architecture, computer services, IT project management and customer support between them. CITEP was authorized by S.2943 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 114th Congress.

The Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program (CySP) offers undergraduate and graduate students studying cybersecurity, information assurance and computer science full tuition support and living expenses for one to three years, depending on academic performance at accredited colleges and universities, degree quality and student merit; scholarships are given out annually based on merit scoring – awarded to those scoring highest!

This scholarship program is an innovative scholarship to foster cyber talent of tomorrow. The aim is to recruit graduates of NCAE-C programs into DoD components and agency sites to meet current and future cybersecurity requirements; thus helping increase DoD cybersecurity capability while making military more responsive in response to an ever-evolving threat environment.

Additionally to funding, the program also provides scholars with an internship experience at DoD components and agencies where they can put classroom knowledge to use in a challenging, dynamic environment. They gain a unique insight into DoD culture as they put classroom theory into action during this internship experience.

The DIB Cyber Security (DC3) Program is an integral part of DoD’s efforts to defend information assets and U.S. national interests from cyber-attacks, support military operations, contingency plans worldwide and provide defense contractors with an avenue for strengthening their cyber posture by receiving relevant and timely threat intelligence updates directly from DC3. It offers defense contractors a mechanism for strengthening their cyber security posture while providing them with direct, trusted channels of receiving updates on developing threat landscapes from DC3!

DC3 operates a Cyber Threat Information Sharing Program to facilitate secure analyst-to-analyst exchange of cyber threat indicators and technical assistance through a collaborative web platform and events. Additionally, eligible defense contractors have access to classified government information which provides context in protecting unclassified networks and systems from adversary activity.

DoD Cyber Security Internship Program

Students enrolled at accredited educational institutions – from high school through graduate degree programs – have the chance to gain hands-on experience working for the Department of Defense through its Internship Program. Through this experience they can hone their resumes with internship experiences while exploring potential employment avenues and developing STEM (science technology engineering mathematics)-related competencies.

However, this time it’s different – as well as being cheaper to run. I decided that instead of running an experiment using just my body’s energy as fuel – why don’t we all just do something positive and help each other out instead of leaving us behind to struggle through?! The SMART Scholarship for Service (SFS) offers an all-in option that covers tuition and fees, monthly stipend, book allowance, summer internship opportunities at sponsoring facility, mentoring from experienced DoD employees and guaranteed placement into permanent position at or higher than GS-10 level upon graduation. Students of STEM disciplines – such as aerospace/aeronautical engineering, biology, chemistry, cognitive/neural/behavioral sciences, computer science, civil engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, geosciences materials science engineering mechanical engineering mathematics naval architecture ocean engineering physics and chemical engineering can take advantage of it.

National Reconnaissance Office students can gain valuable work experience while completing their degrees through NRO Student Programs. Students work alongside National Reconnaissance Office scientists and engineers conducting research, development and analysis activities at sponsor facilities as part of supporting NRO’s mission of strengthening our Nation’s security. These programs offer students an ideal way to launch a career at DoD while making an impactful statement about our national security.

NRO Student Programs are competitive, and applicants must fulfill eligibility requirements to be accepted into one. Students must have an active SF-86 form on file with their sponsoring agency as well as pass a background check and security clearance process that includes reviewing personal connections, criminal histories and financial compliance records.

Students must be currently enrolled at an eligible college or university that is an Accredited Institution of Higher Learning, or have earned at least an associate’s degree from an eligible community college, in good academic standing with both institutions, with at least a 3.0 GPA and no disciplinary issues pending against them. Those seeking further information and applying should visit NRO Student Programs webpage to do so.

DoD Cyber Security Scholarship Program

The DoD Cyber Scholarship Program (CySP) offers full scholarships to non-military, US citizens seeking degrees in cybersecurity at universities designated as National Centers of Academic Excellence for Cyber Defense, Research or Operations. It aims to attract and retain top student talent as part of an effort to combat increasing threats against information systems and networks; scholarships will cover tuition fees, books, laptop allowance, living expenses as well as paid internship opportunities in between school terms – this scholarship program is authorized under Chapter 112 of U.S.C.

The Cyber Security Scholarship Program is one of the nation’s most coveted scholarship opportunities, providing accredited National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity the chance to recognize high-achieving students with an interest in cybersecurity as potential scholarship recipients. Students interested in applying should visit DoD CySP website before February 1st 2022 as the deadline approaches.

Applications should have an outstanding academic history with a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or above for undergraduate students and 3.50 or above for graduate students, evaluated each semester. They must also be US citizens who can obtain security clearance if selected for this scholarship; failing to fulfill all qualifications could result in dismissal from the program.

Students must demonstrate they can work well with others by meeting academic and leadership criteria as well as engaging in teamwork activities, student organizations, volunteering experiences and personal or professional activities that demonstrate this ability. They should also demonstrate they can communicate effectively both written and oral presentations.

Students accepted into this program will participate in a paid internship with their sponsoring DoD agency following graduation. Each scholarship year received will provide full pay and benefits employment with their sponsoring department for at least one year; once this period of obligated service has expired they may elect to extend their employment by choosing another department as their civilian employee employer.

For students to apply to this program, they must create an account on doD CySP where they will find all necessary forms and instructions to prepare and submit their applications. In addition to acknowledging their OF612 Supplemental Competency Statement as part of their submission.

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