DoD White Pages – Search the DoD White Pages Online Directory

Search the DoD White Pages Online Directory

DoD White Pages – DoD non-dilutive funding opportunities often require applicants to submit white papers before submitting a full application, saving both parties both time and money in processing a full application. White paper templates can vary; it is therefore best to refer to solicitation-specific application instructions when creating one.

Before publishing your white paper, be sure to test its visual flow with coworkers or prospective clients. This will enable you to identify any obvious flaws that can easily be corrected.

It is a free service

Many people find it faster and simpler to search online telephone directories via computer or mobile phone than to call directory assistance or 411 for a number. White page lookup websites provide fast, free services that make it easier than ever to quickly and accurately find contact details, as well as verify addresses as part of background checks.

Whitepages provides information on individuals, including their home addresses, relatives and other personal details. With billions of public records available through its search engine, its information can be easily accessed by anyone putting a name into a search engine – however this data cannot be guaranteed accurate due to frequent complaints regarding inaccurate, incomplete or misleading listings on Whitepages’s website.

Whitepages has received mostly negative user reviews, with some critics even dubbing it a scam. Furthermore, many users have reported being denied their requests to opt out from being listed and have raised awareness regarding privacy and how private companies gain and share data.

The new enterprise white pages will serve as a replacement for DOD’s Joint Enterprise Directory Services, which was discontinued late 2013. They allow users to search for Department of Defense personnel by name and other criteria – not just traditional indicators such as branch, rank or duty organization – making their search experience much faster.

DOD personnel with access cards or external certification authority certificates will have access to a new enterprise white pages via DOD’s NIPRnet or Internet, using DODAAD’s Person Data Repository or DODAAD search interfaces, which will include active and retired personnel of DOD. Names can be linked directly to individual contact cards for easy viewing; alternatively users may download an individual’s public key email certificate allowing them to contact that individual directly via email.

It is a paid service

The DoD White Pages is a free service that enables users to search the Department of Defense’s online telephone directory. With an array of search features such as first and last names, state, zip code or area code searches – plus reverse phone lookup – users can easily utilize this resource in order to search for lost loved ones or family members who may have gone missing.

Use of the service can be frustrating, with numerous customers complaining of inaccurate information and high subscription charges. Furthermore, many have reported not being informed about its terms of usage when signing up for it.

Customers seeking to avoid being charged for unnecessary services should read and understand the Terms & Conditions before signing up for a subscription with this company. They do offer refunds should their service not meet expectations, although this feature rarely gets utilized. Despite any issues related to pricing or quality concerns, however, the service remains an ideal way for individuals searching for people quickly.

Whitepages owns and controls both its service and content, which are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws of both the United States and other nations. Whitepages prohibits any unauthorized reproduction, display, distribution or creation of derivative works utilizing any portion of its Service or Content without their express written approval. Furthermore, framing techniques must not be employed in order to enclose any part of it without their permission being obtained first from Whitepages. You agree not to use the Service for illegal purposes or in violation of applicable laws, and are fully responsible for any damages you cause to yourself or any third parties due to your use of it. The Service gives access to billions of public records, and with proper knowledge you can use it quickly to locate anyone within seconds. Furthermore, you can perform background checks before hiring them; most employers only require basic background checks but it would still be beneficial if a more in-depth check were performed before making your final decision.

It is a scam

Many online services that claim to “look up” phone numbers are actually scams; they don’t rely on valid data but instead gather it from all over the internet and sell fake results in order to make money from you. DOD has struggled with scammers impersonating high-ranking DOD officials on social media websites in an effort to gain trust and collect information.

It is a tool

White pages provide users with a convenient tool for searching information on an individual. However, these should not be used for criminal investigations or verifying income; instead they can help locate someone on leave from work or the military and are available both ways.

The Navy and Marine Corps White Paper was previously hosted on SPAWAR‘s website as an online lookup tool; this capability is no longer being maintained due to emerging JEDS capabilities described in paragraph 3.B.

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